Just Some Of The Unity Ceremonies That I Perform


A Note To Family & Friends        

Balloon Releases  

Bell Ringing Ceremony

Blended Family Ceremony 

Blessing of Children       

Blessing of Person, Place or Things

Blessing Of The Seven Spices

Blessing Of The Engagement/Bridal Rings   

Blessing With Holy Oils 

Blessing With Holy Water        

Box Ceremony      

Breaking Bottle    

Breaking Bread Ceremony        

Breaking Of The Glass And Jumping Of The Broom In The Same Ceremony      

Breaking The Glass Ceremony    

Butterfly Release Ceremony        

Cambodian Cord     

Candle Ceremony Vows + Songs           

Celtic Loving Cup Ceremony      

Child Acknowledgement Ceremony     

Children’s Ceremony        


Clay Ceremony         

Cleansing Of The Hands      

Concrete Ceremony             

Cord Of Three Strands Ceremony             

Couples Rose Presentation             

Crossing Sticks Ceremony             

Cutting The Cord Ceremony          

Double Sided Cup     

Dove Release Ceremony      

Earth Blending Ceremony              

Family Medallion Ceremony         

Family Unity Ceremonies              

Fasting of the Hands            

Flowers To Parents              

Garland Ceremony or Lei Ceremony      

Gold Coin Ceremony           

Goldfish Ceremony             

Hand Blessings         

Hand Ceremonies     

Hand Washing Ceremony              

Hand Wrapping        

Hand-Fasting Ceremonies               

Hawaiian Lei Exchange       

Honey Ceremony        

Hourglass Unity Sand Ceremony              

Ideas For Unity Candle When There Is No Family Present        

Jumping the Broom Ceremony   

Knocking On The Door Ceremony           

Kola Nuts Ceremony            

Lazo and Coins Ceremony             

Libation Ceremony               

Lock And Key Ceremony               

Love Letter Exchange

Memorials/Honoring - Remembering Loved Ones          

Message In A Bottle            

Native American Smudging Ceremony               

Presentation of Roses To The Mothers                

Remembrance Ceremony     

Ring Ceremony With A Hawk      

Ring Exchange Ceremony            

Ring to a Child Ceremony             

Ring Warming Ceremonies            

Rock Ceremony - Seashell Ceremony - Water Ceremony      

Rock/Stone Ceremony        

Rope Coin Ceremony          

Rosary Ceremony     

Rose Ceremony        

Salt & Pepper Unity Ceremony     

Salt Ceremonies        

San San Kudo – (Sansankudo)        

Sand Sculptures         

Seven Blessings Ceremony            

Shell Ceremony         

Single Rose Presented to Each Mother     

Sky Lanterns              

Special Ceremonies For Your Wedding             

Stone Ceremony        

Stone Wedding Ceremony              

Sword, Chalice And Ring Exchange        

Tasting Of The Four Elements Ceremony          

Tea Ceremony          

The Blessing Stones (Or Wishing Stones)         

The Blessing Tree      

The Box Wine Ceremony    

The Eerie Glow of Luminal           

The Foot-Washing Ceremony     

The Hand-fasting Ceremony         

The Hands       

The Love Letter Wedding Box     

The Loving Cup Ceremony           

The Rose Ceremony - Long          

The Service Of Communion           

The Short Rose Ceremony            

The Sweet Wedding Ceremony    

The Unity Cross Ceremony           

The Unity Sand Ceremonies           

The YIN-YANG Wedding Ceremony      

Tree Planting Ceremony                

Tying The Knot Ceremony            

Unity Candle Ceremonies              

Unity Candle Ceremony for Second Wedding            

Unity Marbles Bowl            

Veil And Cord           

Vow Renewal Ceremony     

Water Ceremony        

Wedding/Hand-Fasting Ceremony          

Wine Ceremony        

Wine, Box and Love Letter Ceremony     

With This Wing: Love Letter & Wine Box       

Wreath Ceremony     

Yummy Chocolate Wedding Ceremony 

It would be appreciated that if you have a Unity Ceremony not listed above, that you forward me a copy of the ceremony at: whitters9570@yahoo.com.