Services That Reverend Whitters Can Preform


Absolution of Sin.


AngelologyThe study of Angels.

Anointing of Holy Water or Oils.


Bible Study.

Blessings (Of Person, Place or Thing with either Holy Water or Holy Oils, etc).

Counseling and Assistance.

Educational Services.  For clergy, lay ministers, church and community groups.

Clinical Pastoral Education programs.

Educational resources for community/parish programs.

Consultation in decision-making regarding ethical issues.

Advance Directive resources.


Grief Support. Through individual counseling or support groups.

Grief support for students and teachers.

Spiritual care for hospice patients and bereavement services for family members Miscarriage and stillborn support.

Individual counsel and support regarding loss.

Addresses the spiritual needs of staff members that arise because of workplace stress.

Holy Cards Generated.

     Professionally made Holy Cards in heat treated plastic sleeves. Front of card is a picture, the back is wording of your choice.


 Hospice Support and Education.




·  Pre-Induction Interviewing Techniques

·  Suggestibility Testing

·  Hypnotic Inductions

·  Therapeutic Suggestions

·  Deepening Techniques

·  Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

·  Awakening Techniques


Last Rites.


Pre-Marriage Counseling.


Religious Support.  For patients, families, and staff.

Sacramental ministry upon request.

Scripture and prayer when appropriate.

Worship Services and other rituals as appropriate for patients, families, and staff.

Interfaith counseling for family members and staff.

Support as part of End of Life Care and at time of death.

Liaison with faith community of patients.

Rites of Exorcism and Demonism.

Spiritual Care. For inpatients, their families, and staff: Same-day surgery, clinic, and emergency outpatients upon referral.

Regular rounds to visit patients on inpatient nursing units.

Chaplain on Call 24 hour a day.

Crisis and Trauma Team ministry.

Inpatient Pre-surgery visits.

Spiritual and Religious Services. Worship and sacramental ministry program for residents of all faiths.

Pastoral care services provided for residents at all levels of nursing home care.

Consultation and support for residents and families regarding decision-making and changes in nursing home living.

Weddings. Simply put; we do virtually all types of weddings from the Simple Elopements, Traditional, Christian, Non-denominational, Interfaith, Civil, Unity Ceremonies, Themed; and destination weddings. (Although California does not recognize same gender weddings, so therefore, either do I)a.

Please see the heading above called "Types" for additional information.