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Reverend Steve Whitters, D. Th.

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Weddings, Anniversaries And Commitment Ceremonies


(Simple Wedding): 10 - 15 Minutes Long, Which Includes All Of The Following:


Free First Meeting Consultation With The Couple (Approximately 1 Hour)

Free 2nd Meeting (Usually Short and Sweet, And If Needed)

Presentation Of The Bride



In Memory Of:

Opening Remarks

Declaration Of Support

Negative Questioning

Declaration Of Intent/Consent

Marriage Vows Exchanged (Either Personal Or Traditional)

Ring Exchange

Pronouncement Of Marriage

Couple’s Kiss

Presentation Of Mr. And Mrs.

Signing Of The Marriage Documentation

Free Marriage Keepsake Certificate For The Bride & Groom

Free 500 Page Printed Wedding Manual

Free DVD Of 40,000 Pages Of Additional Wedding Material. 140 Total Manuals!

Free 5 Copies Of The Wedding Script (Reverend’s Booklet) 1 For Each Parent, And 1 For You.

Free Certificate Of Appreciation To All Flower Girls; Ring Bearers; Readers, Coin & Bible Presenters.


$175.00.     Yes ___________ 



(Average Wedding): 16 - 30 Minutes’ Long


All The Above,


Plus Opening Prayer and 2 Scripture Readings

Short Pastors Sermon

One Unity Ceremony

Anointing Of The Couple With Either Holy Water Or Oils

Blessing Of The Bridal Ring Set



$200.00.    Yes ___________


(Full Wedding): 31 Minutes Or Longer.


All The Above Plus


Congregation Question

Gospel Readings

Reaffirmation Of Faith

Prayer For Bride And Groom

Blessing Of The Food At The Reception, If Requested

Ruth’s Passage Read

Unlimited Unity Ceremonies Such As Coins, Communion, Lasso, Hand Blessing, Sand Ceremony, Etc. (See Page 17 Below And Manuals 55 - 59 For All The Available Unity Ceremonies – Over 300 different ones).




Yes: __________





Please Note:  The following are about the only extra charges that you might incur other than Comfort Items discussed in the next section.


Rehearsals Within Sacramento County = +$50.00  

Rehearsals for Out of Sacramento County = +$75.00 (+$75.00 Per County from

     outside Sacramento)   

Out of Sacramento County Weddings = +$50.00

Use of 280 Amp PA System = +$35.00 (Very Loud)!


Note: Delivering (and filing) of your documents to your County Recorder’s Office, is all that I can do. I can NOT get a copy of your Wedding Certificate as California Law forbids it. If you want a “Certified Copy” of your marriage certificate, you must fill out the application and submit it directly to your County Recorder’s Office with a payment of $16.00.


Please see the below URL.



The actual PDF application form is available at the below listed URL:








            Simple Wedding                                          = $175.00

            Wedding In Solano County                            = 50.00

            Out of Sacramento County Rehearsal      =   $75.00

                          Total:                                                 $300.00

Comfort Items


Turtle Dove Releases.  Releasing up to 24 Doves as an expression of Love, Devotion, Peace and Unity. 


Pricing is based on contacting Whitebird Ceremonial Dove Releases.  Anna’s phone number is: (916) 443-2165 and her Web Address is: http://www.whitebird.com/index.php.

Serving the Sacramento, California foothills towns of Auburn, Grass Valley, Lincoln, Roseville and the surrounding communities. 


Yes: _____________  No: _____________




Butterfly Releases.  Pricing is based on contacting one of the nearby butterfly farms in either Woodland or El Dorado.  Normal pricing is approximately $100.00 per dozen butterflies.  PRICES VARY depending on type of butterfly ordering, the season and availability. I have their complete address and phone numbers if you want to contact them.  You can either pick them up, or have them delivered.  This is an ohhhhhh, wowwwww ceremony!



Yes: _____________  No: _____________





There are two places in which you, can get butterflies. 


One is called: Utterback Farms, (530) 661-3009, Woodland, CA. 



The other place is called: Swallowtail Farms, 989 Governor Drive, #103, El Dorado, CA (916) 939-3752. 




One Long Stem Rose w/greens presented to each Mother


Yes: _____________  No: _____________






House Blessing with Certificate.      


Yes: _____________  No: _____________





Horse And Buggy/Carriages, etc.


Vintage Carriage Company

395 Hwy. 65, Ste. A,

Box 157

Lincoln, CA 95648

(800) 426-3321




Top Hand Ranch

P.O. Box 183
Elverta, CA 95626

Cell:     (916) 496-0102
Home: (530) 677-2871
             (916) 655-3444
Fax:      (916) 655-1516



Yes:  _________   No: ________________


Pricing is based on contacting one of the nearby Horse And Buggy Ranches in either Lincoln or Elverta.




Use This Price Sheet As A Guide


                                                  Traditional                $ ______________           

       Wedding Type:              Semi-Formal             $ ______________
                                              Full Wedding                 $ ______________

                               Sacramento Rehearsal              $ ______________

       Out Of Sacrament County Wedding                  $ ______________

                   Out of Sacramento Rehearsal              $ ______________ 

                   Use of Public Address System                  $ ______________                           

                                            Comfort Items               $ ______________

                                       Unity Ceremonies                  $ ______________

One Or The Other        Military Discount           -   $ ______________

  But NOT Both             Pinoy/Pinay Discount        -   $ ______________



GRAND TOTAL:                                              $  ____________________________________


= = = = = = = = = = == = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Please note


1.  Any travel beyond the Sacramento County Line will be an additional $50.00 due to time and travel.


2. Any rehearsals within Sacramento County will be an additional $50.00 due to time and travel but is very highly suggested.


3.  Any travel beyond the Sacramento County Line for a rehearsal will be $75.00 due to time and travel, but is very highly suggested. 


4. Payment is due immediately after the wedding ceremony.  It is normally attended to by the Best Man. Please ensure that the Best Man, the two witnesses, the Flower Girls and the Ring Bearer are available after the wedding.


5. Unfortunately, because of previous scenarios, without payment, I may have to refuse to sign the marriage certificate until payment is received in full. The other option for me is to NOT submit your wedding license to the County Recorder’s Office with extenuating circumstances. 



 I require that the license be presented to me, prior to the start of the wedding!  Do NOT tell me you don’t have one; you have it in the car; or it’s in your hotel room; or that your parents have it! I’ve heard those stories before, and it takes times away from my other weddings that I may have to attend to.     


7.  Please note that these are donations.  I have receipts with me that I can issue to you for your tax records.


 Military And Pinoy Discounts

Due to the fact that I am a retired U.S. Marine with over 21 years of service; and that our military service personnel have been coming home from overseas since December 2011, I will give any couple who will be married in the calendar year 2015, a $25.00 discount, if either of you have served, or still serving in any of the U.S. military services.    


NOW: The above coupon is good for any member of your family who has ever been in the military service.  Soooo, if your Uncle Ned was in Vietnam, I’ll give you $25.00 off your wedding ceremony.


If your Aunt Martha was a Nurse in WWII, I’ll still give you $25.00 off. If your Grandpa was in the Civil War at Bull Run, Gettysburg, or Antioch; I’ll still honor this offer.


If your Great Grandpa served in the American Revolution and fought against the British at Fort McKinley or Bunker Hill, I’ll donate the $25.00 back to you.


I’ll tell you what; if your Dad’s dad wore a coon’s skins hat and fought at the Alamo, I’ll take $25.00 off of your wedding.


You’ll still get the $25.00 off even if your Great, Great, Grandpa was thrown off the Mayflower, the Santa Maria or the Pina coming to America.


No proof required! Your say-so is good enough for me.



1. If you are a Pinoy/Pinay; my wife would kill me if I didn’t give you a $25.00 discount. Since she’s from Bayombong (Very Northern Philippines), she demands Pinoy/Pinay discounts. 


2. If you refer a couple, and I conduct their wedding, you will be sent a check for $25.00.