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A Filipino Bride is a good wife; they so caring, thoughtful, sweet and loving bride. Filipino brides can make a good and lasting relationship for they believe much on family values. For them family is the basic foundation on our society so from that comes a good individuals. Since Filipinos have these family ties value then marriage can be so unique and incomparable to others. When you found a Filipino bride who is true and real then I can say that you are a millionaire to be consider. These Filipino bride make their man as their priority in life. They are good partners in life. When it comes to love, they are so sincere and devoted to their husband. Devotion to one's husband is part of Filipino culture so they are affectionate and supportive at all times. They are considered as one-man-woman. They love children and give much of their time and effort to raising a happy family. They are also very good cooks as anyone who has tasted chicken adobo, mongo, pancit, lumpia, cassava cake and leche flan will tell you.

Filipino brides are very affectionate and romantic, and their focus and goals is giving their man tender loving care, surpasses all the women in South East Asia. They are well educated in their different respective professions and you’ll find them very mature in their thinking. They are mature for their age and view older men as more stable and responsible partner.

Filipino Wedding Traditions

The Philippines is a country rich in traditions that were originally introduced by Spanish missionaries. A few of these Spanish-influenced customs are ever-present in a typical Filipino wedding. Usually, the bride wears the traditional all-white wedding gown and the groom is handsomely clad in the traditional barong. The barong is a transparent button-up shirt that is usually worn by the Filipino man during special gatherings. At a traditional Filipino wedding, many sponsors are present to witness the union of the couple. The sponsors symbolize guidance and support - a group of individuals that the couple can refer to in time of need. While some of the sponsors have a “silent” participation during the wedding ceremony, two sets of sponsors play active roles. The first set of sponsors play the role of veil sponsors. The veil sponsors usually consist of one man and one woman –perhaps one from each side of the family. During a specific point in the ceremony, the veil sponsors carefully pin a large veil on top of the bride’s head and onto the shoulder of the groom. The veil symbolizes unity and that the couple shall be “clothed as one.” The other set of sponsors are called the cord sponsors. After the veil is placed on both the bride and groom, the cord sponsors place a white cord loosely around the necks of the couple in a “figure eight” configuration. The cord symbolizes the lifelong bond or tie between the bride and groom.

On either side of the unity candle is a long stemmed candle. Both sets of parents light their respective candle. When it comes time for the wedding couple to light the unity candle, the couple will light it with the candles that were lit by both sets of parents. This symbolizes the union of these two families through the love and lifelong bond of their children. Another strongly-held tradition is the arras which translated into Spanish means “earnest money.” The priest drops coins onto the hands of both the bride and groom symbolizing a life of fidelity and wealth. The veil, cord, candle and arras are four traditions routinely witnessed during a Filipino wedding. Filipino’s feel strongly about their heritage and actively incorporate their traditions into their weddings.

Traditional Beliefs in Love, Courtship, and Marriage

How will I know how my future spouse looks like? If you want to know what your lifetime partner will look like, wake up in the middle of the night and take a look at yourself in the mirror while holding a lighted candle. At  first, the image in the mirror will appear to be a skeleton. After five  minutes, you will see a full view of the person you will marry. 

Giving gifts to your beloved.. No handkerchiefs please. You can give your sweetheart a handkerchief as a gift, but it will only make her cry. No pointed/sharp objects please. Engaged couples should not exchange pointed or sharp objects as gifts, or this would lead to a broken engagement. 

Eloping and the half-moon. When a star appears near a half-moon, it is a sign that young couples are eloping.

Before the wedding, Avoid traveling .Engaged couples should avoid traveling before their wedding day to avoid accidents. The bride should not try on her wedding dress before the wedding. If she does, the wedding will not push through. 

On the wedding day, the groom should arrive at the church before the    bride, in order to avoid bad luck. Dropping the wedding ring, or the  couple's veil, or arrhae during the wedding ceremony means that the  couple will not be happy in their marriage. The groom who sits down  ahead of his bride during their wedding ceremony will be a henpecked  husband. During the wedding ceremony a bride must step on her  husband's foot in order to that both of them will agree on things that they  will undertake, and so that her husband. A bride who cries during the  wedding will bring bad luck to the marriage. It is bad omen for the newly-  wed couple if their parents cry during the wedding. If it rains during the  wedding, the couple will have many crybabies. Throwing rice at the  newly-wed couple will bring them prosperity in life. Breaking something  during the wedding reception brings good luck to the newly-wed couple.  Upon entering their new home, the couple should go up the stairs  alongside each other so that neither one will dominate the other.

    Other folk beliefs and superstitions: 

* It is bad luck for two siblings to be married within the same year. In order to remedy the situation, the sibling who marries later in the year should pass through the backstairs of the church on the day of the wedding. 

* A person who habitually sits at the head of the table during meals will never marry.          

* Women who have moles under their eyes, right where their tears

   fall, will be widowed. 

           *Removing plates from the table while an unmarried woman is still
 will keep her single all her life. 

           * An unwed girl who follows the footprints of a newly-wed couple will

* If a woman is widowed during a new moon, she will marry again. 

*A married woman who wears a pearl ring will cause her husband to commit adultery. 

*If the husband leaves the house soon after a quarrel, the wife should get his shirt, hang it over the stove, and whip it several times. The husband is certain to come back.