Here Is A Partial Listing Of People, Places And Things

That You Might Want To Notify Or Change

2 November 2014

*   Accountants          

*   Address Labels

*   Alarm System Providers

*   Alumni Association

*   Attorneys and Lawyers

*   Automobile Dealership - Service

*   Banks and other Financial Institutions: (Checking, Loan, Saving, IRA)

*   Benefits and Pension Administrator

*   Business Cards

*   Business Stationary

*   Cable Companies: (AT&T, Comcast, SBCglobal)

*   Car Registration

*   Cellular Phone and LAN: (Local Area Network) Accounts

*   Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

*   Charities

*   Checking Account

*   Children’s School Record (Emergency Cards)

*   Church Officials

*   Club Memberships and Organizations

*   Computer Log-In Accounts, PasSwoRDs (Or At Least Consider                     Changing)

*   Contract Companies: (i.e., Car Loans, Personal Loans)

*   County Property Assessor’s Office: (Property Records)

*   Co-Workers

*   Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Gas Cards

*   Creditors: (Car Payment, Sears, JC Penny’s, Ross, Victoria Secrets)

*   Dentists

*   Department of Human Services/SSI/Food Stamps

*   Department of Motor Vehicles: (DMV (Drivers License & Vehicle Title))

*   Department Stores: (Macys, Sears, JC Penny, Nordstrom, TJMax)

*   Discount, Courtesy, and Frequent-Flyer Cards

*   Discount Warehouses (Sam’s, Costco)

*   Doctors: (Primary Care, Heart, Cancer, Foot, OD, Diabetic, Ortho, etc.

*   Drivers License (DMV)

*   Dry Cleaner

*   Electric Company or Power Company

    *   E-Mail Address (if you use your Maiden Name or initials in it)                                 (Professional &  Personal Accounts)

*   Employee ID card or Security Entrance Badge

*   Employee Records

*   Employer: (W2 Forms, Etc.)

*   Family, Friends and Enemies

*   Financial Planner

*   Fitness Centers: (24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness)

*   Friends and Relatives

*   Furniture Rentals: (Rent-a-Center; Aaron’s Rentals)

*   Garbage Pick-up Company

*   Public Gas Department

*   Gyms, Health Clubs and Physical Fitness Centers, YMCA/YWCA

*   Health Professionals: (Family Doctors, Dermatologist, Entomologist,

           Chiropractors, Mental Health Professionals, Acupuncturists, etc.)

*   Home owners association or management agency

*   Hospital and Clinical Records

*   Household security system or alarm company

*   Human Resources at yours and his work

*   Immigration and Nationalization Office

*   Insurance Policies: (Auto, Health, Dental, Home, Life, Vision, Property,        Apartment)

*   Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

*   Internet Programs: (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, Flickr)

*   Internet Service Providers

*   Investments

*   IRA Accounts

*   Land-Lord/Rental Office

    *   Last will and testament - Don't have one? Get one! (You may want to                   change the beneficiary to your spouse at the same time).

*   Leases: (Furniture Rental, House Rental, Apartment Rentals)

*   Library (Library Card)

*   Living Wills

*   Loans

*   Magazine Subscriptions

*   Martial Art Institutes: (Aikido, Judo, Karate)

*   Medical Records

*   Military Personnel must apply for and change their official name at their    Admin Office and apply for Dependent Military ID Cards

*   Money Market Accounts: (CD's, IRAs, and 401k’s)

*   Mortgage or Lease

*   Name Plate or Desk Name Plate

*   Network Administrator at work

*   Notary Public - Are you a Notary Public? Don't forget to notify the state      or risk losing your commission.

*   On-line Accounts: (eBay, Paypal, Facebook)

*   Order Replacements for Checks

*   Passport Office

*   Payroll

*   Pensions

*   PG&E

*   Pharmacist

*   Post Office AND the Mail Man

*   Power of Attorney

*   Professional Licensing Boards: (Nursing, Medical, State Bar)

*   Prescription Departments: (Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVT, Grocery Stores)

*   Property Taxes

*   Property Titles

*   Public and Self Storage Facilities

*   Realtors

*   Retirement Accounts

*   Safety Deposit Boxes

*   Satellite Companies: (DirectTV, Dish Network, SureWest, AT&T)

*   Savings Accounts

*   School ID card

*   Schools, Universities, Colleges

*   Sewer Department

*   SMUD

*   Social Security Office (MUST have original Wedding Certificate with            you) Please see HTTP:// or click on the                hyperlink.

*   Sorority or Fraternity organizations

*   State Tax  Board/Commission

*   Stationary and Letterheads

*   Stocks and Bonds

*   Storage  Lockers and Garages: (Public Storage, Extra Space Storage)

*   Stores that Use Discount Cards: (Safeway, Office Depot, WinCo, Home

           Depot, Staples, Lowes, Office Max)

*   Student Loans

*   Subscriptions: (Magazines, Newspapers)

*   Supermarkets: (Store cards)

*   Tax Preparers: (H&R Block, Individual CPA’s, Individual Attorney’s,

           Jackson Hewlett)

*   Taxes: (Federal, State, County, Property)

*   Telephone Companies: (AT&T, Frontier, SureWest, Comcast)

*   Television Subscription Companies

*   Travel Agent

*   Unions and Professional Organizations

*   Utility Companies

*   Veterinarians

*   Veterans Facilities: (Hospital, Clinics, Patient Advocates, DAV, American

            Legion, VFW)

*   Video Store

*   Voice Mail

*   Voter Registration: (Department of Elections) Includes Change of Name,

           Name Hyphenation & Change of Marital Status Forms for State, Federal

           & Local Californian Elections

*   W2 Form Change

*   Water Company

*   Wills and Trusts. If you've made a will or other estate planning document

               (like a living trust), it's best to replace it with a new document using                      your new name. Your beneficiaries won't lose their inheritances if you                  don't; but changing the document now will avoid confusion later.                          Finally, remember to change your name on other important legal                          papers -- for example, Powers of Attorney, living wills, and contracts.

*   Work Place/Job Supervisor Notification

*   Yoga Instructor

*   Your Boss

*   Your Creator (Thanking him for his kind consideration for your                     marriage and future).


Please Note:

      If you have a person, place or thing that is NOT listed above; I would like to

 be notified of that object.  If you would be so kind; please E-mail me the item(s) 

at Your input will help future newlyweds. Thank-

You very kindly!  Reverend Whitters.