Unfortunately, I  can not  provide you with  a marriage license  since this is  actually a civil/governmental   matter.   The couple  must   obtain  their  marriage  license  at the California County Records Office of their choice within ninety days of the date of the ceremony. License  fees are usually $60.00 and up.  The couple signs  their license at the County Recorders  office  at  the  time  of  issuance.   Blood tests  are no longer required. The license is good for 90 days. 

In  Sacramento  County,  call  the  County  Recorder Office for appointments at (916) 874-6131, or just go to 600 8th St. downtown (8th Street is one way north).

I  shall  take  care  of  the  signing  of  the  license  by  the  bride  and  groom's  chosen witnesses  right  after  the  ceremony,  often  while  photos  are being taken. I will also have a professional keepsake Certificate of Marriage for the couple as well. If there is an  additional  certificate  given to the couple by  the  County  Recorder,  I  would  be honored to sign that as well.

Reverend Whitters will give the professional keepsake certificate to one of the witnesses, or other designated person as soon as it is signed after the ceremony. I will also mail, or deliver, the signed marriage license to the Office of the County Recorder of the county in which the license was issued. Prior to mailing, I will make 2 copies of the license. One for your records and one my records.

A certified copy of the marriage license may also be obtained after the original license is recorded by the County Recorder's office. This can usually takes two to three weeks. At the same time the marriage license was obtained, the county also gives you cost information and a form to send in to receive this certified copy by mail. Again, it is best to receive 4 or more copies of this recorded license. One for you to keep with your marriage package, one each for the parents, and keep one in a safe place for security.  A safe deposit box or a home safe is great.  You may also want one suitable for framing and hang on a wall. Another one should be given to the minister for their records also. These are just suggestions. 



If you get them now, it might not cost you more in the future. 

Another suggestion is to have one laminated by one of the local office supply stores.